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She will work hard for YOU and this Community.

An avid nature lover, Melody has spent almost her entire life enjoying Northwest Arkansas’ natural beauty.  She learned to hike and swim in the Beaver Lake area and continues these passions today near the Arkansas Greenway.  When she’s not running for office, she’s often running outdoors.  After successfully running her first half marathon in 2023, she’s training for another half marathon in 2024.

For years, Melody has carried a sense of duty to others and her community. She’s long served by volunteering with local organizations that serve those impacted by domestic violence, with local churches and nonprofits focused on feeding and caring for our community, and with her son and other teens serving at a local animal shelter and keeping local trails clean.

Her business-focused education includes a B.S. in Organizational Management from John Brown University and a Master’s in Operations Management (MSOM) with a focus in Business Management from the University of Arkansas College of Engineering. 

For the last 30 years, Melody has been a business strategist, marketer, writer, and consultant. Most recently, she happily joined the team as an academic advisor for the master’s degree program from which she graduated, and decided to run for office!

Melody’s long-standing volunteer work, involvement with the community, corporate experience, and business acumen have prepared her perfectly for this moment.  When elected as Justice of the Peace, she will channel her knowledge, skill, and relationships to enact a budget that reflects our values.