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For too long, our well-being and natural resources have been ignored by politicians in favor of for-profit interests.  Melody will restore trust between the Quorum Court and the people.  She’ll fight for every Benton County person to be seen and protected.

MEET Melody

Melody has long been passionate about our region’s natural beauty.  She has loved hiking, running, biking, swimming, and all sorts of outdoor activities since she was a child.  She is in this fight to protect our natural resources.    

Melody is deeply involved in community service.  She volunteered for organizations such as the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas, local domestic violence shelters, the Springdale Animal Shelter, BEET Volunteers, and other organizations.  She will fight to reduce domestic violence and food insecurity in our state.   

With over thirty years of business experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Melody has the executive leadership skills needed to serve as Justice of the Peace and help the Beaver Lake area thrive.


She’ll Dare To Care.

Cleaning Up Our Resources & Our Budget Community

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Melody, In her element