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Taxpayer Money Should Bring Taxpayer Benefits.

The role of Justice of the Peace is very important because it oversees the county budget on the Quorum Court.  

We must elect a Justice who will fight for a budget that reflects our values and creates a government that both serves and is accountable to everyone. 


Everyone should be able to enjoy clean water, parks, and trails.  Sadly, current politicians have put for-profit interests before the good of our environment and communities.  This has left the Beaver Lake area less clean and the people who live here less safe.  

Melody has taken action to protect our area’s natural beauty.  She volunteers regularly to do trail cleanups.  She knows that many citizens here want to keep our natural beauty intact for future generations.  Her plan will help us succeed.   

As Justice of the Peace, Melody will fight for a budget that helps clean up and preserve the waters and land in the Beaver Lake area.  She’ll put people to work making sure that these areas are pristine for both the enjoyment of locals as well as the tourists who bring valuable business to our region. 


Emergency services must be robust enough to reach everyone.  This issue is personal for Melody.  Two separate home fires, many years apart, claimed the lives of three members of Melody’s family, despite valiant efforts on the part of emergency personnel. 

Too often, despite continued best efforts by local heroes in emergency services, rural Arkansans pay the tragic price of distanced and insufficiently supported emergency services.  As Justice of the Peace, Melody will work to strengthen and expand emergency services so they’re robust enough to reach our rural neighbors as well.  Because, if you live in Arkansas, you should be able to count on Arkansas. 


Nobody should have to live in fear of domestic violence.  Sadly, too many survivors are ignored and too many abusers are not held accountable.  

As a volunteer with the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas (JLNWA) Melody saw firsthand how this issue affects all communities.  She saw how those impacted spanned all races, neighborhoods, and classes.  She is determined to fight for solutions to end this problem everywhere.  

As Justice of the Peace, Melody will make sure that we fund the resources that survivors of domestic violence need.  She will also make sure that we have the tools to go after abusers.  With a budget that directs the proper resources to the right places, we can make sure that nobody lives under the threat of abuse anymore.


Everyone deserves freedom from hunger.  But for too many of our neighbors, not having enough to eat is a real problem.  As a BEET volunteer, Melody regularly worked with junior-high-aged kids to fill Little Free Pantries with food.  Through this and other community service organizations, she has seen how food insecurity spans people from every walk of life.  

We can address this issue, but it will take public officials who care.  We must have a budget that reflects our neighborly values.  Melody will direct the proper resources to ensure that Benton County residents worry less about where their next meal will come from.  When everyone is fed, everyone can fully contribute and thrive within our community.